Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Day

Busy day is busy. Just a quick post to update some recent developments. We're getting frustrated with the 0% room for error 2dps 2v2 team, putting additional pressure on us to get our gladiator team out of the way as early as possible. Coupled with the impending sense of doom toward 2dps's viability in s3, I'm afraid we might be retiring rogue/lock as a gladiator team when s3 hits, and only use it for selling teams.

Putting our eggs in the 3v3 basket is no less risky, but the druid/lock/rogue matrix still has some work to do. We suffered our first losses today, two games against the same Paladin/Warlock/ Rogue team. Failure to control their rogue cost us both games, but this setback paled in comparison to a mammoth accomplishment we have achieved today.

Our scrappy little APV team of Vlak, Eternia and myself took down the mighty Team Z juggernaut of Neilyo, Pronne, and Realzz not but an hour ago, securing a 25 point victory in the process. Once deemed the greatest players in BG9, a victory against them with our fresh 3v3 gives us all the confidence we need going into the s2 homestretch. If we can down a near-mirror matchup (Druid/ Spriest/Rogue) played by the best players in the arena scene today, our team might just have what it takes to crack out Double Gladiator status this season.

When we came barreling out of the gate, the only player we could ID was Realzz. Eternia immediately called Team Z, but I figured it was just Real scrubbing up points for some friends. It didn't take long until I saw the undead rogue bearing down on me, and once I saw that nameplate bearing Neilyo's all-too-familiar moniker, the momentary panic was quickly replaced with a bloodlust I've not felt in a long, long time. Eternia quickly found Pronne, and we dispatched him with disconscerning ease. We'd beaten Pronne before, twice actually, but he made a couple bad decisions, and a 5-point kidney shot set up our usual 2v2 druid-killing stunlock rotation beautifully, downing Pronne in the first 30 seconds on the match.

Cleaning up the bad boys of Ticho was a systematic dismantling after that, as Realzz dropped out to heal, and we concentrated on kiting Neil and harassing his healer's mana pool to victory. It was the most high-profile victory of our season 2 careers thus far, although maybe not as epic as how we closed out our season 1 3v3 team (a 27 point win over the #7 ranked 3v3 in the battlegroup). Now that we're on their radar, the inevitable rematch will undoubtedly see them swapping in their warlock for Realzz, providing a true mirror faceoff between the Ticho juggernaut and the scrappy RP server point sellers.


Anonymous said...

You are a whore!

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You said ticho...


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I doubt they will swap in anyone to face a 2k team but maybe it's just me